Project Sunrise

NFT "refer-to-earn" protocol that rewards you up to 436,900% per token.

Hey, shilling NFT projects is tiring. We get it. How often have you degen to an NFT project, hoping it goes to the moon, only to be rugged by the team?

It's time for a change. Project Sunrise is a decentralized, contract-verified, autonomous program that prioritizes rewards for the NFT owners (that's you), not us.

Read the project whitepaper.

F*ck floor price, maximize your return.

The referral number is ERC-721 token ID. It is provided to you by your referral.

Quantity of NFTs you wish to mint. The minimum quantity is 1.

NFT Name:

Project Sunrise Pass

NFT Contract:


Mint price per unit:

0.15 BNB

Total price:

0.00 BNB

Why this is cool?

Autonomous, it runs on its own.

This project requires no admin or supervision. It incentivizes you when you are part of the network. The contract admin or deployer has no special access to your rewards. It is autonomous and runs on its own. The bigger your network grows, the more significant rewards you receive.

Fair incentives distributions.

You will be incentivized if your network expands. Each NFT requires a minimum of 2 referral activations before you can redeem. That's it. Once 2 referral activation is complete, subsequent users who use your referral will be auto-assigned to those under your network accordingly. And everyone will have a fair chance to get incentives.

Trust the code, not us.

Smart-Contract and the front-end of this service are verified and open source. You can view the project on GitHub and the contract on BSCScan. The rule is to trust the code and review it yourself. Those who manage to expand their network will get the most rewards. Not us.

Why Project Sunrise is different?

Typical NFT ProjectProject Sunrise
Who gets the most benefit if you promote the project?Project owner.You. You earn by expanding your network.
Chance of rugged?High risk. Heavily rely on the project team.No admin in control. Autonomous, decentralized.
How do you earn?Buy low, sell high.User mint with your referral.
How big is the community?NFT owners. It is limited to project supply.Unlimited and growing.

Degen now, mint and obtain your referral. Let your network grow and get rewarded.

To understand how this works, read the project whitepaper

Project Sunrise

Project Sunrise

Project Sunrise is an autonomous and decentralized application that utilizes NFTs as a "refer-to-earn" protocol mechanism. It is not an investment program. Use this service at your own risk.